We just want to explain how you set up and login to your driver app on your smart phone or tablet.

You need to login to your desktop version of Taxi Hub where you will have already added your drivers (here are some instruction to do that – https://support.taxihub.org/article/adding-drivers-to-taxi-hub/ )

If you already have drivers in the system then follow these 6 steps (there is an image below to help):

  1. Navigate to the drivers tab
  2. Click on all drivers
  3. Select the record you want, in the example below the drivers name is Jamie Hibbert.
  4. Click on edit
  5. This popup will open with editable fields
  6. This area is the Driver App field. Your company id is shown, 2 in this example, I have entered “Jamie” as a username, then I enter a password and scroll down and press “Save”

When you login to the driver app it will ask you for company id, username and password, so please keep them safe and memorable.

Creating driver credentials