Why Wont My Quotes Send Via Email?

edit-job-screenIf you are having problems Emailing Quotes, reminders, confirmations etc. Please make sure you have added a valid email linked to that particular fare.

To check this, right click the job >>> Edit >>> Edit Job

This will load the edit job screen on the left hand side of the page as shown here.

1 – Check you are editing the right job by cross referencing the Job # number.

2 – Click on the add email link. This will open up a box for you to add an email address.

3 – Save this by clicking update this job.

You should now be able to email without any problems. If you are still having issues check your settings are correct by putting your mouse over your company name in the top right hand corner, clicking settings >>> Email Settings and make sure you initially set your emails up correctly.

How to take card payments for a prepaid taxi ?

If you go to settings >>> Take Card Payments >>> click connect with stripe. A form will open in a new window to create an account with Stripe, fill out the form and then you should be ready to take payment.

If you have self employed drivers you can create different accounts for each driver so as to keep you company below VAT etc. That is all explained on the Take Card Payment page.

Can I hide quoted costs/prices from drivers?

Some companies do not want the drivers to be able to see the price for jobs. We have created the ability for you to switch this functionality off if required (default is on).

Settings >>> Driver App >>> Allow drivers to see quoted costs/prices?:

Drivers Not Plotting Correctly

1. Are the drivers’ phones plugged into a power source? If phones go low on power location services are usually some of the first to drop out.

2. If the app has been open for a long time it could be that the phone’s geolocation services have gone to sleep. Quitting (and we mean quitting) the app and re-opening might wake geolocation services up.

3. The phone might not allow geolocation services for the app (turn on via phone settings).

4. Does the map in the app show the correct or incorrect location for a driver? If the map in the app is showing correct location, but the app is not pinging it back to base, please report it to us.

5. Does a driver’s location update/correct itself if they start a job? There’s enhanced driver tracking when a driver is on a job so this should plot the driver correctly all the time.

If you are still having issues please email sales@taxihub.org

Return Journeys

Return journeys can be created by left click a job record in the “Live Jobs” grid and selecting “Copy (return)…”

This will reverse the journey and load it into the edit job screen on the far left. You can then add the correct dates and time, check the price and then you should be able to “add as live”

If you cannot find an answer to your question please send us an email.
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