Mobile Apps

Logging Into Mobile the Driver App

We just want to explain how you set up and login to your driver app on your smart phone or tablet. You need to login to your desktop version of Taxi Hub where you will have already added your drivers (here are some instruction to do that –¬†¬†) If you already have drivers in the […]

Windows Phones

Currently Taxi Hub does not support Windows Phones.

How Much Data Will The Mobile Apps Use?

The driver app tries to contact the main system every 5 or so seconds depending upon signal strength and connectivity. Every 5 seconds there’s on average a data transfer of 5kb. Doing the maths, over a span of 12 hours, if used every day, the driver’s mobile phone may use in the region of 8mb. […]

Driver Apps Are Here

To install the driver app: 1a. On an iPhone phone, go to iTunes or the App store and either search for “Taxi Hub Driver App” or visit 1b. For Android users, go to the google play store and type “Taxi Hub” in the search bar. We come first in the results. Here is the […]

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