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Own Reference Numbers

  • Hello again,
    Is there any way to add reference numbers to jobs so that the reference numbers appear on invoices for contract clients. I know the system generates its own reference numbers, however, we need to use the clients own reference number.
    Also, Can you add an additional field on the booking screen for “Flight Number”

    Thanks Bob,

    This has been added to our road map for consideration. I can see the requirement/need. In regard to flight number, do you think this is something we could add in the settings area so it can be switched on or off by individual companies?

    The addition of the Flight Number option in “Settings” is great ! It works brilliantly for us and displays this key piece of info in bold on the drivers app. Thanks again !!

    Hi Bob,

    Dan the developer here.

    Glad to hear the addition has been beneficial. It was added to our roadmap but it was a relatively easy thing to do so thought why not.

    I’ll try and get the functionality so you can assign your own job reference numbers to jobs soon too and will update the system to let you know when it’s done. It’ll be a setting that can be switched on/off too.

    Kind regards,

    Just to let you know Bob that this functionality is now in and on the system.

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