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Quote Button

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January 23, 2018

There is another thing that would make your programme and driver app stand out above the others.

The drivers need a quote button. Quite often I am asked how much would it be from say 14 Mazlin Street Atherton to the Mobil Service station on Kennedy Highway (Round trip). I could then plug into the quote the pickup address the destination and add 5 minutes wait time and back to pickup address based on the time of day, (In australia we have 3 flag falls) Day, evening, Night. So lets say Day $2.90 Flag fall + $1.50 booking fee then $2.94 cents per kilometer then add approx 5 minutes wait while they grab there cigs and hot food etc. then back to destination. The app would quote on this and I could give a very real estimate on price instead of guessing, which we do most of the time. We would also need to plug in the amount of people, as 1-4 is a lower rate then 5-10.

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