Managing Drivers

Driver Availability

Driver availability is most important when using the “Auto-Dispatch” function in Taxi Hub. Within “Auto-Dispatch” you can select whether to allocate jobs according to their status on the driver app or those ticked as available within the driver area. This allows for the system to remain flexible and suite individual companies needs. To show a […]

Adding Drivers to Groups

Once you have added your drivers and created your groups, you can then start allocating specific drivers to specific groups. Please note a driver can be a member of more than one group and the group “All Drivers” contains a pool of every driver you have added. The image below helps to show how to […]

Creating Driver Groups

Driver Groups allow you to create pools of drivers which can be selected within the “Planner” function of Taxi Hub. This may be more pertinent to larger firms that for example have 3 teams covering different ranks within one large town or terminals at an airport. You could create 3 groups and name them whatever […]

Adding Drivers to Taxi Hub

Navigate to the ‘drivers’ tab at the top of your screen. Once this tab is open you will see the following which is two screen shots as the form scrolls down. Every field is important, but we have just added an explanation here of some of the key areas. 1 – This is the tab […]

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