Getting Started

Automated SMS text messaging

Within 5 minutes you can set up the automated messaging facility within your Taxi Hub. Messaging your customers with details such as booking confirmations, dispatch and driver name, reminders of quotes and advance bookings has been proven to dramatically: Increase customer loyalty Increase Customer satisfaction Reduce “no shows” Increase business The cost is 6p per […]

Emailing To Fares

If you are having problems Emailing Quotes, reminders, confirmations etc. Please make sure you have added a valid email linked to that particular fare. To check this, right click the job >>> Edit >>> Edit Job This will load the edit job screen on the left hand side of the page as shown here. 1 […]

Email Templates

This function within the settings area together with SMS are the most beneficial time savers. The ‘Email templates’ tab provides the functionality for your company to set up your own automated e-mails. These are set up as automatic functions which vastly increase administrative efficiency. Taxi Hub is currently setup with a number of generic e-mails […]

Input Addresses – Google Places or Historical Jobs

Here is an image showing how set this. 1. Mouse over your company name in the top right hand corner of Taxi Hub and “Settings” from the drop down. 2. In settings navigate to “Miscellaneous” 3. The in the top drop down menu you can choose for the system to use either “Historical Jobs” or […]

Managing Pickup/Dropoff Locations

This area will automatically populated if you use historical locations to power the address boxes in “Add a New Job” area which is under miscellaneous in the settings area >>> Settings >>>Miscellaneous (this link will only work if you are logged into taxi hub) You can use this area to maintain, remove or edit the suggestions.

Creating Pickup/Dropoff shortcuts

We know that a lot of your pick-up and drop-off points are likely to be regular amongst your customer base. Taxi Hub is set up so that it can allow you to enter details into the system as quickly as possible. For instance, a regular pick up point could be The Blue Anchor, 50 Coinagehall […]

Map and Location Settings

In the settings area click on the ‘Mapping’ tab on the left hand side of your screen, navigate the map to view the area your company covers. This map will be the default map for your main ‘jobs’ screen. Make sure you remember to click the ‘Update map settings’ button once you are happy with […]

Owner Login Screen

Go to, enter your company’s login details. This will be the Password and Username selected at the time of registering. Once logged in you can create controller logins. For your controllers to login they will need to go here This screen is slightly different with company ID required as well as the controllers username […]

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